5 VMM highlights from 2015!

We asked 5 members of staff to reflect on the last year at Vancouver Maritime Museum and pick their highlights.

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"One of my favourite memories from 2015 was from the opening of the Invisible Threads exhibition. I asked the people in the audience to raise their hand if they are alive today because a relative or ancestor was saved by the actions of Chiune Sugihara. There was an audible gasp from the other members of the audience who did not realize there were so many descendants living in Vancouver whose relatives and ancestors had escaped the Holocaust by travelling from Japan to Vancouver." Duncan MacLeod, Curator

"I think one of the big highlights for me this year was celebrating our volunteers. We have an incredible core of dedicated individuals who bring so much knowledge and experience to the Vancouver Maritime Museum. A special mention to our Volunteer of the Year, Norma Dixon. Thanks Norma and thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!" Andrew Hildred, Program Coordinator

"From the 25+ donations that the Library and Archives received this year, one highlight was the donation of the full complement of Harbour & Shipping magazines bound in beautiful leather. This generous donation came from Murry McLellan whose family has published the magazine since 1918." Lea Edgar, Librarian and Archivist

"We have really enjoyed bringing the maritime stories of the Pacific and Arctic alive to our visitors through engaging school, public, and outreach education programs. Public program highlights in 2015 include Canada Day and Nunavut Day events, which featured Inuit storytelling, drumming, and artifact interpretation with author Michael Kusugak. Through the Port City: Gateway to the World and NSWIA Working Waterfront school programs, 1,343 Vancouver and North Shore students, teachers, and parents learned about waterfront industry through in-class sessions and a guided harbour tour." Talya Fuchs, Education Coordinator

"The summer of 2015 had many highlights at Heritage Harbour including the Forestry Vessel Rendezvous, Water's Edge Day and the sighting of a grey whale but for us the highlight was the visit of some northern students. This small group of high school seniors from various, isolated Arctic towns were in Vancouver to explore career options and different cuisines but made a side trip to visit the docks and go aboard North Star of Herschel Island, a ship that played a large part in their communities history. They gave the ship a beautiful seal skin and, being high school students, re-enacted a scene from the movie, Titanic." Sheila & Bruce Macdonald, Wharfingers at the VMM Heritage Harbour

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