Recently, Captain Uwe Fiedler visited the VMM with cadets and crew from Kuala Lumpur Express, which was docked at Roberts Bank loading containers bound for Asia.

Kuala Lumpur Express (KLE) is a german registered ship used by H-L to train cadets and was constructed with additional accommodations and training facilities for this purpose. 

Captain Fiedler invited Ingo and Jamie from the Maritime Museum, and a few of their friends aboard KLE for a tour of the ship.

KLE is a large container ship with a capacity for 8749 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit) containers and is 336M (1102 feet long) powered by a 34 500 kw (46,265 hp) 12 cylinder  engine. We looked down a utility corridor that ran the length of the ship. You could not see the end. The Captain told us that in a storm the ship would flex as much as two meters.

This was KLE's  last stop in Vancouver as it is moving to a new route serving South Asia/Europe. Because of a large low pressure storm over the N Pacific their route to Asia would take them up the coast of BC (inside Haida Gwaii) through the Alaska Panhandle into the Bearing Sea and then down the coast of Asia.
KLE is 5 years old, spotless and has state of the art electronics and navigation - a pool, exercise room, games room and lounge with fine german beer on tap. It has enough electrical generation capacity to power a small town.
Captain Fiedler is a very generous and outgoing giant of a man (he towered over me). His hobbies include photography, kayaking, hiking and outdoor adventures.  We spent a wonderful evening enjoying German beer  with the captain showing us his photographs of the various places he visited, His wildlife photography was outstanding with  numerous photos taken while underway of seabirds in flight and the aerial acrobatics of  seabirds hunting flying fish pushed out of the water buy the massive bow wave of the KLE. One ironic photo was of a sea bird diving into the water after missing a flying fish soaring just above the waves. Flying fish, swimming bird....
The Vancouver Maritime Museum would like to thank Captain Uwe Fiedler and the crew of KLE for their generosity and for allowing us to come aboard for this unique experience. 
-Jamie Purves, Programs Officer
Vancouver Maritime Museum

KLE Info:

TEU8749Reefer Plugs730Deadweight (tdw)103538Gross Tonnage (GRT)93811Net Tonnage (NRT)


Length over all (m)336Breadth over all (m)42Speed (kn)20Power (kw)34500Year Built2008Port of RegistryHAMBURGFlagGERMANYAbbreviationKUXVessel OwnerHAPAG-LLOYD,HAMBURGVessel OperatorHAPAG-LLOYD,HAMBURG
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