April 12-18 is National Volunteer Week in Canada and we here at the Vancouver Maritime Museum have plenty to celebrate. Volunteers are essential to our organization’s mission as a centre for dialogue, research and experience related to the waterways of the Pacific and Arctic oceans.

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In 2014, volunteers generously gave almost 2000 hours of their time to the museum. This represents a gift of over $20,000 to the museum and its operations. Volunteers contribute in so many ways. Here’s how volunteers make a difference.

Education volunteers expertly guide over 2,000 school children through the museum each year. These dedicated volunteers offer children of all ages from preschool to high school a hands on experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Special event volunteers work with the public at our many special events including children’s birthday parties, off-site events like Riverfest and gala events at the museum.

Library volunteers help comb through the many historical documents that are part of our extraordinary collection. They help to research and describe documents as well as organize the growing collection.

And our volunteer Board of Directors provides the museum with the guidance and direction necessary to keep our museum moving full speed ahead.

We couldn’t do it without you! So to all of our 74 volunteers, we appreciate all your work and dedication. We will be celebrating National Volunteer Week at the Maritime Museum by offering all of our volunteers an opportunity to visit other organizations throughout the Lower Mainland for free! In exchange we will be welcoming volunteers from other organizations.

Thanks to our volunteers we have a big reason to celebrate! For more information about volunteering at the Vancouver Maritime Museum please contact the volunteer coordinator at programs@vancouvermaritimemuseum.com

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