Day 2 - Christmas Card from Captain Henry Larsen

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The above Christmas card was sent by Captain Henry Larsen to his friend C. E. Jeffrey, who was a friend of Larsen's through their Masonic Lodge connection, sometime between 1940 and 1969. C. E. Jeffrey donated a range of records and photos with connections to Henry Larsen to the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and we thought this one was too good not to share!

Other items that were donated as part of this collection were black and white photographs of the St. Roch in the Arctic, an invitation for Gordon Henry Larsen's wedding and an invitation to the dedication and opening of the St. Roch National Historic Site at the Vancouver Maritime Museum (June 23rd, 1966).

With four days to go until Christmas, have you sent your Christmas Cards yet?

VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. C. E. Jeffrey Collection - Henry Larsen records and photos, File No: 181, Christmas Card sent from Larsen to Jeffrey.

The Museum would like to thank C. E. Jeffrey for the donation.