Internet connections have often been intermittent but we have a good one day as we lie at anchor in Croker Bay, a deep fjord like indentation of Devon Island.  Our day after Cambridge Bay was a most successful one with the first ice floes of the trip and sightings of several polar bears on them not far from the ship. 

Some passengers went out in zodiacs and got splendid photos from no great distance; even those of us on the ship had good views with binoculars and telephoto lens.  It is curious that two days earlier I had been joking with our two Canadian ice pilots that instead of guiding us safely through the ice their job was now to find us ice! 

The pairs included a mother with two large cubs, probably at least two years old but still trying to suckle when they weren't playing and a big adult male who had just caught a seal on another ice floe and who was gobbling up all the skin and blubber.  It was a gory site.  The weather has definitely turned cooler as we make our way north, soon to reach the narrow Bellot Strait and our passage east.

Neues in Alle