Day 8 - Reindeer on board

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Today we're doing a guest showcase, from the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum. Their exhibit, Creature Comforts, is currently on loan here at the Vancouver Maritime Museum and we thought that this particular story was perfect for our 12 Days of Winter showcase. 

From Russia, with love - HMCS HAIDA's reindeer and friends.

"During the WWII Battle of the Atlantic convoys, HMCS HAIDA, one of Canada's most famous wartime vessels, transported a reindeer to the Admiral Commanding Orkneys and Shetlands. It was a goodwill gift from a Russian Admiral. Former HAIDA crew member George Mannix wrote in his memoirs:" 

"...We got the reindeer, along with a large bag of lichen and moss for feed en route. A likely looking prairie lad was selected to become herd master and we put to sea."

Visit the Creature Comforts exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum today, and see other furry and feathered cargo!

The photograph above is from the Creature Comforts exhibit by CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum Archives, and is courtesy of Parks Canada HMCS HAIDA.