Day 5 - Passenger Vessle Christmas Menus

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Have you planned a Christmas menu for tomorrow? We have found you some last minute inspiration from two passenger vessels. The images above are from a menu and dance card for a Christmas dinner held onboard the Empress of India on December 23rd 1906. The name Mrs. M. Wade is written at the top of the menu, and there are signatures of other table guests inside. At the back of the menu, there is a dance card listing the order of dances and blank spaces for the names of dance partners to be entered.

The second menu we have found is slightly more contemporary, and is from a Christmas dinner on the S.S. Catala on December 25th, 1949. The Catala was a Union Steamship passenger and cargo vessel that served the company from 1925 - 1958 on the BC coast.

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(top) VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. File No: 177. Empress of India menu and dance card, Dec 23 1906.

(bottom) VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. S.S. Catala menu. Dec 25, 1949.