Day 12 - Finding food under the Ice

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This is the last item from our collection for our 12 Days of Winter Showcase, and it is a lovely one to end with. Another extract from the film "Through the North-West Passage 1940-1942", this time documenting ice fishing. The crew suplimented their diet of canned meat with fresh game, which included fishing under the ice.  We will leave you with a quote from the book Arctic Workhorse: The RCMP Schooner St. Roch, and wish you all the best for the New Year from everyone here at the Vancouver Maritime Museum!

"Raw fish, cut into small slices and frozen, was also puacked and then eaten in this state; "This raw fish gives one a warm feeling of well-being" and was an important staple...When not occupied with other duties, the men went on hunting trips...The introduction of fresh game also brought variety to the crew's diet. One crewmember, John Duke, wrote in a letter home, "We eat anything we can get a hold of that walks, swims or flies rather than the canned meat."

Quote: Arctic Workhorse: The RCMP Schooner St. Roch, James P. Delgado, 2003, p22, 26

Film: VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. "Through the North-West Passage 1940-1942". Shot by Corporal F.S. Farrar.

The original film was donated by Gordon Larsen in 1996 and we are very grateful for Doreen Riedel’s notes!