Day 6 - Christmas dinner as best we could do.

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Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Today's photograph is of a Christmas dinner that took place 86 years ago onboard the St. Roch, titled "Christmas dinner as best we could do". Among those haring that meal on December 25th 1928 were, left to right: Kells, Foster, Parsloe, Olson, Sealey. Who are you sharing a meal with this festive season?

In our search of our collections and archives we came across this piece of soap and razor from the St. Roch, perhaps used by one of these smart gentlemen, dressing up to celebrate Christmas at sea.

(L) VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. Parks Canada. St. Roch Photograph Collection. HCSR-20-01 pose 2. "Christmas dinner as best we could do." Dec 25 1928.

(R) Vancouver Maritime Museum, Parks Canada St. Roch Collection

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