National Volunteer Week 2016

It’s such a great pleasure to work with our amazing group of volunteers at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

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In 2015 our core group of volunteers remained consistent, but the number of volunteer hours increased significantly. This means we have been able to efficiently draw on the amazing knowledge and experience that our volunteers bring to the organization and really utilize the talent that volunteers contribute in their various roles. From volunteering in the library, to leading education programs, to helping with special events and to providing the museum with governance and leadership our volunteers have been key to the museum’s success in 2015. A big thank you to all of our volunteers.

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At our annual volunteer appreciation event, we recognized Norma Dixon as our volunteer of the year. Norma has been volunteering with the organization since 1999. She is very active in the community and her dedication and positive attitude is greatly appreciated by the students and teachers who have visited the museum over her many years of service. Thank you Norma, we really appreciate all that you bring to the Vancouver Maritime Museum.  

The Vancouver Maritime Museum would also like to recognize two volunteers who contributed over 100 hours as part of their studies. Robin Belcher volunteered in the library to gain professional experience towards her degree at the University of British Columbia and Svea Kramer came to us from ILSC Education Group, an English language school in Vancouver. Both made significant contributions to the museum in 2015.

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Volunteer Numbers:

2, 868 hours of service were dedicated to the Museum by our 85 volunteers! 

1348 hours to school programs, 111 on-site and 17 off-site

298 hours to the collection & library; assessing, documenting, and processing photographs, postcards, charts and artifacts.

842 hours delivering public programs and special events.

380 hours dedicated to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee, helping to guide and govern our museum.

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