Day 4 - Decorating the Britamerican

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Have you decorated your house this festive season? What about your boat?

These photographs were taken circa 1950 by Hillis Stratton, who was the wireless operator and purser onboard the oil tanker Britamerican. The photograph on the left is titled "Merry Christmas John" and shows Stratton's fellow crewmember carrying a Christmas tree down the dock towards the tanker, and on the right we can see a snowy tree lying on the deck of the tanker.

Stratton donated two of his photo albums of photographs surround his time onboard the Britamerican to the Vancouver Maritime Museum. You can see more of his photographs in this article written for BC Shipping News last year by our very own Librarian and Archivist, Lea Edgar.

(L) VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. Photo Album 078. Item number 204. "Merry Christmas John". Hillis Stratton.

(R) VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. Photo Album 078. Item number 202. Untitled. Hillis Stratton.

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