Showcasing the SS Master

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One of the vessels participating in the Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival is the SS Master. Built in British Columbia in 1922, it is one of the last surviving steam powered tugboats. She worked for 37 years up and down the Georgia Straight and beyond towing logs and barges.

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In 1962 the Vancouver branch of the World Ship Society purchased the S.S. Master and in 1976 the vessel passed into the care of the S.S. Master Society, a volunteer group formed and dedicated for the sole purpose of preserving the vessel.

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Since the 1980s the S.S. Master Society has received funding from individuals, corporations, local municipal government, and several federal government programs to aid in her restoration, upkeep, and participation in maritime festivals.

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The S.S. Master serves as a tribute to the tugboat industry on Canada’s West Coast and for a time was docked at the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Heritage Harbour.

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