Day 1 - Extracts from Through the North-West Passage 1940-1942

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We are spoiling you for our first showcase of our 12 Days of Winter.

Snow and Ice is an extract from  the film Through the North-West Passage 1940 - 1942 which documents the St. Roch's voyage through the Northwest Passage. It was filmed by Corporal F.S. Farrar who was first mate of the St. Roch from 1930-34 and 1938-43. The film was shot using Captain Larsen's movie projector and film, with some of the footage shot by Larsen himself and other members of the crew.

In this extract you can see the icy conditions the crew had to deal with. Cutting ice blocks from a local lake for their water supply onboard; freeing the rudder of the St. Roch from the ice; and even using the conditions for recreational purposes as demonstrated by Cst. Pat Hunt skating beautifully over the ice.

This amazing vessel traveled through treacherous and uncharted waters to cross the Northwest Passage and the High Arctic with a small crew of steadfast men who had only their skill, talent and no small amount of luck to rely on. Incredibly, they managed to make the crossing not just once, but twice, and in only 86 days the second time!

Visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the St. Roch today!

VMM. Leonard McCann Archives. "Through the North-West Passage 1940-1942". Shot by Corporal F.S. Farrar.

The original film was donated by Gordon Larsen in 1996 and we are very grateful for Doreen Riedel’s notes!

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