Join interdisciplinary artist Haruko Okano as she explores her practice of environmental art and talks about her public art project, Ocean Flotilla. Haruko Okano is a Vancouver-based artist with over 35 years of professional experience. Her work has a strong focus on cultural identity and sustainable ecology. She is also a poet. Her main artistic practice takes the form of viewer-interactive installations with a strong emphasis on community collaboration and upcycling from commercial / consumer waste streams and natural detritus materials.

Ocean Flotilla consists of approximately 1000 paper boats that carry messages contributed from here and around the globe in response to the question “What are your hopes for a healthier world in the next 100 years?” The paper boats are made of post consumer, 100% chemical free, kraft paper, folded, glued and waterproofed with an organic medium called Kakishibu. Kakishibu is the fermented juice extracted from bitter, green persimmons.

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