Inauguration of the
Northwest Passage Hall of Fame
Thursday September 28th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

At Vancouver Maritime Museum
1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1A3
On Thursday September 28th, 2017, we proudly hosted the Northwest Passage Hall of Fame at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.
The Vancouver Maritime Museum is home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) vessel, the St. Roch. The St. Roch was the first vessel in history to sail from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean via the Northwest Passage (NWP), the first vessel to sail the more northerly deep water Northwest Passage route and the first vessel to circumnavigate North America. It is a Canadian National Heritage Site.
Part of the core mandate of the VMM is to curate, interpret and share the maritime stories of vessels and crews operating in Canada’s far north and in particular, the Northwest Passage. And so it is fitting that the Northwest Passage Hall of Fame will be located at the VMM.
Many distinguished guests and honorees were present at the event including Eugene “Dean” Hadley (RCMP), radio operator on board St. Roch 1940-42, descendants of the St. Roch crew as well as key members from the St Roch II voyage in 2000.

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