Nunavut Day | The Perfect Story

Workshop with Inuit Storyteller and Author Michael Kusugak

THURSDAY JULY 9, 5:30 - 6:30

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On July 9, Canada's youngest territory marks Nunavut Day, a celebration of the date in 1993 that the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement was signed. Join Nunavut-native storyteller Michael Kusugak at the Museum for an inspiring, interactive storytelling session and discussion on the Inuit storytelling tradition and how to create the perfect story.

Michael Kusugak, Inuit Storyteller and Children's Author

Michael grew up living in igloos, sod huts, and skin tents. He traveled by dog team following the caribou, or living on the sea ice so that his family can hunt seals, whales, walrus, and catch fish to eat. Michael uses his experiences growing up listening to stories told by his grandmother in his storytelling sessions. He weaves these experiences with experiences of what life was like living a nomadic traditional life of Inuit along with the tremendous change that has occurred in the past 60 years.

See here for more information about Michael Kusugak.

Image: VMM Collection

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