What I Did On My Summer Vacation:  

Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island

Thursday, January 28th, 2016, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Presented by Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club and Vancouver Maritime Museum

TK Gallery, Vancouver Maritime Museum


Join Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club members Arnt and Rob for a slideshow and Q&A session about their epic sailing voyage. In May 2014, Arnt Arntzen and Rob O’Dea cast off lines from the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Heritage Harbour for a two month voyage to circumnavigate Vancouver Island on the sailing vessels Odin and Ern.  The trip would prove to be an epic undertaking involving two sailboats, two skippers, seven crew changes, a total of seventeen crew members from as far away as Halifax and New York, three generations of family, and 1,745 kms travelled over sixty-four days.  Despite engine troubles, transmission troubles, daily strong wind warnings, one storm with 100km/h sustained winds, and both boats being dismasted during the trip, the voyage was an awe inspiring journey of friendships, food, surfing, fishing, hiking, beachcombing, and many excellent sailing days along the extremely beautiful Vancouver Island coastline.  

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