Lessons from the Arctic celebrates the tale of how Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen became the first person in history to both traverse the Northwest Passage (1903-06) and reach the South Pole (1910-12). The exhibition breathes new life into polar history by engaging viewers with exclusive photographs, diary entries and short informative texts that reveal how Amundsen succeeded on his quests. Lessons from the Arctic is a tribute to his life and his preparations for these perilous journeys and pays special attention to the three years that he spent living with the Canadian Inuit, whose ancient traditional knowledge was critical to the Norwegian's success achieving the South Pole.

Featured in both French and English, the exhibition is designed to appeal to a wide audience. Lessons from the Arctic is an internationally acclaimed installation that has already been showcased in Oslo, Norway; Seattle, U.S.; Hobart, Sydney, Canberra and Perth Australia; Chistchurch and Wellington, New Zealand; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Ottawa, Canada.

This travelling display has been made possible by the Fram Museum, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Canada, the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and Canadian Geographic.

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