60 Seconds in the Canadian Arctic

Artwork by K.A. Colorado

on display from February 27th 2015

'60 Seconds in the Canadian Arctic' is a long-term exhibit of a painting group by artist K.A. Colorado, that will be on display at the Museum for three years.

This painting group attempts to capture the moment-by-moment change of cloud formations with color, density, and moisture evaporation, framing the absolute cold of Arctic significance. The justification for this artwork implies the concept of fragility and interrelationship of natural phenomena such as clouds, air, water, and ice, with the portrayal of iceberg material.

Individual iceberg portraits capture the sublime majestic structures of ice, and are portrayed as sympathetic to the warmness of the color sky background. The three iceberg images are isolated visually within geometric squares positioned on warm, humid-toned clouds depicted in a 60- second time-lapse.

“This time-lapse is an abstract measurement that I have taken artistic license to illustrate and includes a small aircraft moving through the pictorial spaces linking distance and time. In addition, the dancing airplanes provide a hint of humans’ infinitesimal presence in the environment, but also represent humanity as a factor in the portrait and as being part of the big picture in the climate equation.” Artist, K.A. Colorado, writes of his artwork.

The portrayal of the air, water, and deep cold interrelationship implies both the fragility and power that is found in natural earth properties framed in time. This aspect of time as a conceptual idea is further connected by the void left by the three iceberg images vanishing in time and space.

K.A. Colorado explains, “It is my intended statement on the contemporary implications of global warming and its effect on climate.”

About the artist:

International artist and sculptor K.A. Colorado has spent three decades working in various climatic conditions throughout the world, using ice and snow as both a medium and subject, and portraying environmental, climate, and polar concerns and significance through his art.


Image: K.A. Colorado in his studio. Courtesy of the artist.